1. Mount Olympus

    (Inspired by this Apps Against Abuse challenge)

    Name: Mount Olympus - Greek 4square like App

    Goal: Turn potentially high-risk environments of sexual abuse (Parties at Frat Houses) into safe and accountable environments using social  media

    Target Audience: Fraternities and Sororities 

    • They naturally provide groups of college students with safe sharing environments
    • Groups that Foster personal growth
    • Built in measures of accountability (demerits, sister points, etc.)
    • Family jargon (big brothers, little sisters, frats with sweetheart families in sororities, etc.)

    How it Works:

    • Allow Frats to print outQR codes to place outside of rooms or around party house
    • Can print them in the colors of the fraternity (ignored by party goers but Brothers know what they mean)
    • Party goers in other fraternities and sororities can check into various parts of the house
    • Potential to facilitate competition by allowing sororities can win titles/mayorships of (meeting rooms, dens, etc.)
    • Privacy can be set to only people in the fraternity or sororities at the party
    • Data can be automatically cleared at the end of the part or password protected—Don’t have to be broadcast in real time


    • Positive reinforcement that takes advantage of methods things that positively motivate you (your frat bros and sisters)
    • Doesn’t assume that Men are going be rapists
    • Gives a chance for those that want to participate to actively participate without feeling discouraged or forcing everyone to participate
    • Potential for opt in Brother or Sister specific text reminders
    • Gives Fraternities a method for keeping a tabs on what is happening during a party with actively compromising party atmosphere

    If you’re a software developer I’d love to see what you can come up with :)


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